12 Aug 2022

In #IAmTheFutureOfTheBar, launched by the Bar Council and BTB, aspiring barristers share their stories and highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion within the profession.

Read their stories here.


Madeleine Lusted

"Bridging the Bar has offered me an elevated platform from which to gain unparalleled experiences, but also to help my community in turn."


Daniel Taylor

"People are unaware of the soft skills they learn coming from and mixing the right circles. You are immediately on the back-foot and are more readily susceptible to 'imposter syndrome' if not. The feedback BTB have offered me has been invaluable."


Paige Patricia Christina Taylor

"Bridging the Bar has offered me a valuable support network to gain opportunities that I find difficult to obtain elsewhere. Its work does literally ‘bridge’ the gap within the Bar, to encourage anyone from any background, creed or colour can apply and succeed at the Bar."


Zahra Dalal

"I took part in One Essex Court’s ‘Women at the Commercial Bar’ Mentoring Scheme. BTB has helped expand this scheme to encompass all underrepresented groups at the Bar, encouraging more chambers to participate. My experience was invaluable and has made me appreciate BTB’s efforts in advertising such brilliant opportunities."


Christina Peters

"Bridging the Bar's mentoring campaign had a profound impact on me. The campaign was a success, and the variety of mentees that participated made me realise that I can find my own space at the Bar and that there will be people I can and will relate to when I get there."


Daniel James Harvey

"The BTB campaigns and projects such as the UK Supreme Court and Law Commission internships have allowed me to develop my confidence, legal skills and understanding of the barrister profession. It has also helped encourage diversity at the Bar by showing this profession is a viable career for all."


Anahita Tashvishi

"The first time I applied for a mini pupillage was through the BTB. Although I was unsuccessful in being selected, I nevertheless received helpful and inciteful advice through constructive criticism allowing me to understand how to improve and make sure that my next draft would prove to be a success."


Samuel Willis

"I have benefited immensely from the BTB mentoring programme. My mentor, Beth Collett (8 New Square), has been such a source of wisdom and practical help. The value of schemes like this is that they enable those without connections to put a human face to the profession."


Marwa Tariq

"Projects like I am the future of the Bar have allowed for young parents like myself to hear the inspiring and persevering stories of others who have overcome adverse circumstances like myself."


Emma Llanwarne

"BTB Campaigns have blown the doors wide open for people like me who previously thought they were tightly shut for them. Their initiative has benefited many like myself to gain vital legal experiences such as mini-pupillages and internships, which in turn has increased inclusion and diversity into a once thought of closed profession deemed only for the elite who could afford it."