Chambers Profile

3 Verulam Buildings is a leading barristers’ chambers, with over 90 members providing specialist advocacy and advisory services worldwide specialising in commercial and financial litigation, dispute resolution, international arbitration and public international law.

3VB has a genuine depth of experience across the full range of commercial litigation, from banking and financial services to class actions, civil fraud, cyber fraud and cryptocurrency, company law, insurance, professional negligence, insolvency, IT and media and entertainment. Members of 3VB are accustomed to working in multi-jurisdictional teams, often in extremely large value, complex cases proceeding not only at all levels of the English court system but also globally and before arbitral tribunals.


Mini pupillages at 3VB are assessed and an essential part of 3VB's recruitment procedure. 3VB asks all applicants interested in undertaking pupillage at 3VB to apply for and complete a mini pupillage at 3VB prior to applying for pupillage.

Mini pupillages provide 3VB with an opportunity to assess applicants’ suitability for a career at the Commercial Bar before invitations are issued for pupillage interviews. They give mini pupils a chance to introduce themselves to 3VB at an early stage and to demonstrate their interest in 3VB. They also allow mini pupils to decide whether a career as a commercial barrister, and at 3VB in particular, would be right for them.

3VB offers up to four mini-pupillages each year and the application consists solely of a written application. Chambers will cover reasonable expenses for any successful applicant to their mini-pupillage programme.

Application windows for 2023/24 are as follows:

Deadline of 16 August 2023 for a mini on 27-28 September 2023
Deadline of 6 September 2023 for a mini on 18-19 October 2023
Deadline of 4 October 2023 for a mini on 15-16 November 2023
Deadline of 25 October 2023 for a mini on 6-7 December 2023
Deadline of 29 November 2023 for a mini on 10-11 January 2024
Deadline of 13 December 2023 for a mini on 24-25 January 2024
Deadline of 27 December 2023 for a mini on 7-8 February 2024
Deadline of 24 January 2024 for a mini on 6-7 March 2024

For more information, please see 3VB's website.


3VB takes up to four pupils each year, and the application process begins with a two-day mini pupillage (or if necessary a virtual mini pupillage of one and a half days). This is an essential part of the selection procedure. All pupillage applicants are required to have completed an assessed mini-pupillage (or virtual mini-pupillage) with 3VB, save in exceptional circumstances.

Applications Process

Pupillage applications are made through the centralised Pupillage Gateway scheme in the January and February of the calendar year before the pupillage is due to start (i.e., applications in January and February 2024 will be for pupillage commencing in October 2025). First and second interviews usually take place during March/April.

There are typically around 150-200 applicants for up to four pupillage places. Approximately 35-40 applicants are invited to the first-round interview. The first-round interview comprises a 15-minute discussion with a panel of interviewers about matters arising out of the applicant’s CV and application, and a law-related question, for example on a recent appellate decision (of which they will be notified in advance), to test the applicant’s ability to think on their feet, analytical skills, and oral advocacy.

Approximately fifteen applicants are then invited to the second-round interview. Applicants attend chambers two hours before their interview when they are provided with a legal problem, which forms the subject of discussion during the interview. Applicants have time to prepare submissions in relation to the legal problem under controlled conditions. The interview itself covers two stages: first, the applicant is provided with an opportunity to present their oral argument or opinion to the panel, and questions will be asked in relation to that legal problem. Secondly, applicants will be asked questions about their academic record and previous experience. The second-round interview lasts approximately thirty minutes.

Pupillage Award

3VB's pupillage award is £80,000 from 2024, up to £20,000 of which can be drawn down during the year prior to pupillage.

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Chambers is fully wheelchair accessible with no call ahead required for wheelchair users.

Chambers will cover reasonable expenses for any successful applicant to their mini-pupillage programme.